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Biocompatibility Testing


Medical Device Testing

In vitro & in vivo biological compatibility/safety evaluations are conducted on biomaterials, medical devices, and related products to identify potential risks for the use of a device in humans. Biocompatibility testing ranges from the screening of new materials to product release testing, audit testing, and pre-market safety evaluations to meet current FDA guidance and ISO 10993 standards.


  • MB offers GLP Toxicity Testing for pesticides and chemicals.
  • Extensive list of Protocols Available
  • Discount Pricing

Phototoxicity Testing

  • In Vitro 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity Testing
  • Monolayer & 3D Tissue Models
  • OECD 432 protocol

In Vitro Toxicology

  • Your Source for In Vitro & Alternatives to Animal Testing.
  • Cost Saving Screening Testing
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Testing

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